No Credit Check, No Contract, No Deposit, Ever.

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Our Prepaid Light service is for everyone, regardless of income or credit history.

Can’t afford a huge electricity deposit? YES, can help. A prepaid light plan is the best solution for someone who needs electricity but has poor credit or other financial problems. Prepaid, or pay-as-you-go electricity, works much like a prepaid calling card. You simply charge your account and recharge as needed. There’s no credit check required, never a deposit, and no contract. You can disconnect at any time!

Why Not Prepaid Lights?

There are many benefits of switching to a prepaid electric service. Large, traditional electric companies will confuse you with free mornings, free nights and free Sundays. Pay as you go electric service is the only real way to make sure you’re paying for only the electricity that you use!

What are you waiting for VAN ALSTYNE TX?  GO PREPAID!

Stop dreading those huge end-of-the-month bills and take charge of your electricity usage! YES promises to give you the cheapest rates available in your area! Call now and see why thousands of Texans have made the switch to YES.


Prepaid Lights in 4 EASY Steps

We understand times are tough for many families and electricity shouldn’t be difficult to acquire. Everyone should have electric service, and YES is here to help. Call now and let one of our A+ agents guide you through the simple process of getting started.  You can have prepaid lights today VAN ALSTYNE TX