About Prepaid Electricity Companies

Prepaid electricity works like prepaid phones. Prepaid electricity companies require customers to make a small payment in advance and to add money as needed. Paying ahead for electric utilities is beneficial for many reasons;

  • Prepaid electricity companies do not require credit checks at registration. This saves the consumer from paying a deposit.  
  • Customers can make smaller, more frequent payments whenever they are able. This helps the consumer to easily budget for electricity costs
  • When using prepaid electric service, you are not tied to a contract. Many Texas electricity providers require a long term commitment.
  • Texans without identification such as a social security number or driver’s license can use prepaid electricity.

Prepaid Electricity Companies in Texas 

Texas is the only US state where you will find prepaid electricity companies. Because of energy deregulation, most Texans must choose an electricity provider.  Prepaid electricity was developed as a way for every Texas resident to obtain affordable, reliable home energy, despite bad credit.

Yes Electricity accepts all customers that live in deregulated area of Texas that can pay $40 by cash or credit card.

Use our Online Portal to open a prepaid electricity account. Need assistance? Give us a call. We’re happy to help.